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In , he noted, the state Supreme Court praised San Francisco police for notifying local prosecutors about officers who had problematic histories. About 15 management-level employees up to the rank of lieutenant also received the warning notices, according to the L. County Professional Peace Officers Assn. That union filed an unfair labor practices complaint on behalf of its members, said Lt.

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The fact of the matter is, nobody wants to be wrongly accused of anything. To read the article in Spanish, click here. Twitter: mayalau. Nearly 5, remain without power from storm-related outages, DWP says.

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A breakdown of the ballot measure to restrict development. Government severely misjudged strength of Oroville emergency spillway, sparking a crisis. About Us.

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Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Real Estate. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell wants to provide prosecutors with a list of about deputies who have committed past misconduct that could undermine their credibility. A court has blocked the move at the request of the union that represents rank-and-file deputies. For the record:. Maya Lau. Follow Us.

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Maya Lau is an investigative reporter for the Los Angeles Times. She came from the Advocate, based in Baton Rouge, La. Page of 4. Filtered by:.

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Previous 1 2 3 4 template Next. Hello everybody, I signed up for the Deputy Sheriff exam a couple of weeks ago and the test is on October 14th. I've been trying to find a study guide everywhere and can't seem to find one for this test. I want to prepare for this exam the best I can, anybody have any advice for me or what I should do to prepare?

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Tags: None. It's similar to any other police exam just no memorization.

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Comment Post Cancel. When was the registration for the exam?

Is it Nassau residents only still? Blackdevil77 commented. Registration ended on August 31st, the test is on October 14th.

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I believe so. Took the test, wasn't bad at all. Only one thing concerns me. The proctors had no idea about the rules or about the proper instruction to give. Apparently there were 75 questions on the test.

According to the instructions, we were supposed to answer questions , then skip , then start again from 61 to None of the proctors told us this so my class room took the whole test. I have 4 friends that also took the test in separate class rooms. Upon pointing it out, the proctors instructed the class to not answer questions What happens in this situation?

Is there anything to worry about?