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Swim against the tide. We center a cloud over an area on the edge of New York that was hard-hit by Superstorm Sandy and unleash 2. Within two hours, widening blue ribbons streak across the area.

Against the Tide: An Autobiographical Account of a Professional Outsider

After five, the water has drained from the higher ground. Even after a day, low-lying coastal areas are still wet. If you were to choose a person who best represents how Dutch thinking about water management has evolved over the past two decades, it might not be an engineer or architect at all. In fact, it might be Tracy Metz, who was appointed in to a national task force convened to propose ideas for the next 50 years of flood preparedness. But beyond her own story—born in Los Angeles, she moved to the Netherlands in the s and jokes about growing up in a place with too little water, only to end up in one with too much—she says she was no water expert.

Over time, she became one. She learned that the dream of Holland as watertight fortress—canals are moats, straighter rivers are safer rivers, higher walls are better walls—is compelling but flawed. This attitude has become as crucial to the Dutch as their technical sophistication—if not more so. And once again, floods helped bring about the change. In and , as Deltaworks finally neared completion, floods hit the Dutch from behind.

The Rhine, Meuse, and Waal rivers swelled with Alpine snowmelt, forcing , people from their homes. The decision was made to strengthen river defenses, but this time in a different way.

Rowing against the tide: Making the case for community resilience

For centuries, the Dutch had tried to channel rivers and streams into ever-narrower courses and canals. But gradually they came to realize that river systems were akin to greyhounds; you can try to confine them to small spaces, but they will always need room to run.

Hence, Room for the River, an initiative with 34 interconnected projects, including, most ambitiously, the digging of a new 2.

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In some places, dikes will be bolstered and raised. The largest dike to be lowered will be in the Noordwaard, an area in the southwestern Netherlands. For the past century, this area has been polder—wetland turned into fertile fields. Within the next two years, a 1. Dikes are relatively easy to deconstruct. But entire livelihoods—especially those of a people who have, for centuries, clawed dry land from sea and swamp—are tougher.

Fifteen farms were condemned, along with low-lying homes that will be threatened by the new spillways. Forty will stay.

It has been difficult. It has been painful. The government has done little to buy influence, refusing to pay above market for condemned properties. But neither has it deployed eminent domain. He gazes out at his new patio and the new reed-edged canal beyond that. But the old house, we were used to it—the keys go here, that goes there.

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Our children were born there. Perhaps the most innovative element of Room for the River is how officials built relationships with those whom the program will displace. Room for the River has project managers whose main job is to talk with residents. One whom I met was formerly a political lobbyist at EU headquarters in Brussels.

And slowly, through these conversations—15 years and counting—the officials helped Gremmer and most of his neighbors to understand the science behind the project as well as the necessity. The canal out back teems with eel, carp, and his favorite, snoekbaars—pike-perch.

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By Jeff Chu long Read. Steps and curve disguise a huge barrier to stormy seas. Impact Impact The USDA is lowering nutritional standards for school meals—and undermining the health of millions of kids Impact How do you explore the Moon without ruining it? Impact How a basic income could deliver reparations for people of color. Design Co. Design The hidden way cabs could promote healthier cities Co. Design A hospital introduced a robot to help nurses.

We sought to explore the views of primary care physicians on the barriers and facilitators to deprescribing in everyday practice to inform the development of an intervention to support safer prescribing. Physicians were selected on the basis of years in practice, employment status, and practice setting, with an additional focus on information-rich participants.

Twenty-four semistructured interviews were audio-recorded, transcribed verbatim, and analyzed to identify emergent themes.