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You should be better off avoiding taxes on your earnings, which, after years of growth, will account for the majority of the money in your k account. The key thing is to start saving for retirement now.

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If your company eventually adds a Roth k , you can switch all future contributions to it. Your past contributions will remain in the traditional k and continue growing until retirement. We promise. As you get raises, bonuses, or other upticks in income , make a habit of contributing these to your k.

Four Ways To Boost Your Retirement Savings You Haven't Thought Of

Do you like free money? Too fast? Make a plan and stick to it. Most plans require you to put your money into a mutual fund, a type of investment that pools the savings of tens of thousands of people to buy a broad range of stocks, bonds or both. However, taking advantage of simple financial strategies today e.

1. Start investing today.

Or you can simply look at common financial planning solutions in new ways to save for retirement. Here are four unique ways to approach basic retirement saving strategies. Roth savings and tax diversification are two of the most underutilized retirement strategies out there. A different survey found about 6 in 10 employees who were familiar with a Roth k and had one through work used it.

How to boost your retirement income

Tax-deferred k and traditional IRA savings provide a tax deduction today, postponing taxation until that money is withdrawn in retirement. If your tax rates stay the same, you accumulate the same amount of after-tax money whether you go the traditional or Roth route. Think about what your future tax bracket might be.

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Will it be higher or lower than where you sit today? Well, you hear a lot about investment diversification, but this is about tax diversification. Having after-tax, tax-deferred and Roth savings diversifies the tax treatment of your savings and ultimately reduces the potential impact tax system changes will have in the future. If tax rates rise or fall, being diversified can help offset the impact. You could put this into a Roth or traditional deductible salary deferral account.

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So in essence, the Roth savings allows you to put more of your money away in a tax-advantaged account. For those looking to maximize their tax-advantaged retirement savings, Roth accounts can provide a nice option. If you need life insurance coverage while working to protect your family in case your income is lost due to a premature death, term insurance can be the most effective solution.

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8 Tips For Boosting Your Retirement Income

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