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But Gray is the one who wrote the songs, and he has an unmatchable assurance when focusing on the wrangles that come of trying to fit marriage, kids and career into one untidy space. He claims that the album is not autobiographical, though - which is just as well, since The One I Love is about bleeding to death. Topics Music. While Gray works from photographs as reference material, he is quick to point out that his paintings are always hand drawn.

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He either draws directly onto the canvas or panel, or he transfers a drawing created on paper. In the still life, he includes several drawings alongside brass vessels and oranges. In the future, Gray says, he would like to create more figurative works based on his sketches.

They will have a stylized, gothic feel. Russell []. Sometimes I think my interest in figurative work is not necessarily a conscious choice. He devotes about 20 hours a week to painting in his studio and, in addition to selling his artwork, waits tables to support his family. In his spare time Gray is also taking classes to become a radiology technician—a back-up plan to ensure a livelihood after a tough year in the art business, he says.

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But he knows that art is his true calling. Wow, I think.

They really like it. Blue Turban, oil, 12 x October Shapes, oil, 14 x Shell I, oil, 6 x 6. It has the most ludicrously complicated vocal line that I've ever sung.

Probably 20 seconds long, it nearly killed me! There's nothing more uplifting than the human voice and I was inspired when that Bjork record came out Medulla.

I think it's got some great stuff on it. I don't know how I would describe the record in total but I think there's a good balance there. I've been a rather under-produced recording artist to say the very least. This is stopping that trend. I don't imagine it will be a problem because it seems to have a sort of intimacy too.

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As well as the big songs you have ones that really suck you in. Catching up with the character from that song but a few years down the line when they're a bit worse for wear," via 'The One I Love', as beautiful a song about bleeding to death as you're ever likely to hear and the inspirational fire of 'Nos Da Cariad' Welsh for 'Goodnight Sweetheart. By its conclusion, the aforementioned epic 'Now and Always' and the astonishing counterpoints of 'Disappearing World' it has announced itself as an album built on artistic aspiration rather than commercial obligation.

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Which is not say that its narratives are divorced from everyday life. The nanny state, TV-gobbling idiocy that we call passing time is basically hospital food.

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You get a lot of shit thrown on your plate, and you eat it. Just put the songs in bag and people can pick them out, a bit like the FA cup draw, I'll just put it on my iPod and press random. People can do that but I think you have to find some kind of order that defines the record, and once this gets going at the end you'll understand. I wanted to go over a bridge, look at things from different angles. I was interested in things that were a bit more linear-where the music might develop a little differently.