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Michael Kellmann, PhD, is an assistant professor in the faculty of sport science at the University of Bochum in Germany. He completed his habilitation at the University of Potsdam in Germany in January Kellmann's works have appeared in more than 50 publications, and he is coauthor of the Recovery-Stress Questionnaire for Athletes: User Manual.

He has consulted with and conducted research for the National Sport Center in Calgary, Canada, the Canadian national speed skating team, and the German junior national rowing team. Kellmann lives in Potsdam, Germany, and enjoys running and playing soccer. For more information about the work of Dr.

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Enhancing Recovery : Preventing Underperformance in Athletes. Spine, corners, edges may exhibit slight traces of use. Interpret Von Der Driesch. We strive to evaluate each item correctly and fairly. These were violations of international trade law. Enhancing Recovery focuses on recovery as a required component of training and the devastating effects of underrecovery, giving you new insights into treating and preventing overtraining and underperformance.

The editor, Michael Kellmann, PhD, combines a wealth of information from medicine, physiology, periodization training, and psychology as well as studies of people's motivation, health, and lifestyles to explore all aspects of underrecovery—not just in sports, but also in everyday life. The four-part text features -theoretical models that draw distinct connections between overtraining and underrecovery,.

Emotional and mental factors in underrecovery and overtraining are also discussed. The importance of attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions are also addressed.

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Addressing recovery as a key factor of performance, the text illustrates how a constant lack of recovery can result in overtraining in athletes you work with. Further, it shows how being even slightly underrecovered over an extended period results in underperformance in athletes and nonathletes alike. Manchmal scheint einem das Leben wirklich einen Stein nach dem anderen in den Weg zu legen, oft in Form von.

Die Kunst der Höchstleistung : Sportpsychologie, Coaching, Selbstmanagement

Und das finden wir wirklich bedauerlich. Close Frequently Asked Questions 1. Was ist bei diesem Coaching anders? Und das hat schon manchem dabei geholfen, dort anzukommen, wohin er wollte.

Die Kunst der Höchstleistung: Sportpsychologie, Coaching, Selbstmanagement

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Systemic Coaching Constellations. Berlin, Germany.

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Istanbul, Turkey. Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching. Nicolas Beffort. Calendar GoogleCal. Constellation work has been successfully applied in personal and organizational development for many years as it helps to uncover hidden dynamics and interdependencies and develop new options to deal with them. If you bring someone who has not signed up or attended a Systemic Coaching Constellations workshop before, you can attend for free.

We also waive the fee for anyone attending for the first time. As we need a minimum number people for this interactive workshop, please sign up early in order to allow appropriate planning.

Enhancing Recovery: Preventing Underperformance in Athletes - Michael Kellmann - كتب Google

In order for the workshop to take place, at least 10 participants need to be enrolled 2 days before the workshop at noon. If you know of someone else who might be interested in this type of work, please feel free to pass this information along. Systemic Coaching Constellation Workshops are experiential. But Systemic Coaching Constellations are much more. The approach is simple yet powerful and solution-focused. A workshop participant provides an issue to work on.

The topic can be pretty much anything e. In a dialogue with the facilitator, the client briefly explains their issue and clarifies what they want the outcome of the constellation to be: greater clarity, help with a decision, ideas to solve an issue, etc. A detailed explanation of the problem is not necessary. If I go for A, this could have an effect on C and D.