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Living Well in Froggy’s World of Plenty | Judith Shenouda

Two in-class programs, each one hour long, actively engage students in learning about watersheds and how pollution on land can affect the health of creatures that live in our local waterways and oceans. The in-class programs also prepare students to act as scientists to assess the health of a local creek on a minute field trip to a local creek that is included in the series. Schools must coordinate transportation.

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Available to 4th and 5th grade classes in Dublin, Livermore and Pleasanton. For more information or to schedule programs, email This email address is being protected from spambots.

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That was the day I was diagnosed with acromegaly. A scary diagnosis, to be sure, but Froggy says he was relieved. Froggy underwent his brain surgery in at the University of Florida to have the pituitary adenoma removed, then had to have colon surgery to remove the polyps caused by acromegaly, then had reconstructive surgery on his jaw in Three separate surgeries, all from a tiny tumor.

There is no cure for acromegaly, even with surgery.

Ahem! What is a ‘frog in the throat,’ anyway?

No one knows your body better than you do. Patients also have to relearn to do some things, as Froggy found out. After the surgery to correct his jaw, he had to almost reteach himself how to eat without biting his tongue and form particular sounds when he was speaking, so that he could talk at a quick pace.

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Simple things made difficult. And because of that and the fact that acromegaly is a chronic condition, it can be daunting for patients who have to live with it.

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  6. And Froggy says that while a support group is great for the mental battle with acromegaly, the most important thing to do is stay on top of it by taking medications and visiting the endocrinologist regularly to get tested. Acromegaly is still considered a rare disease, especially to the public and maybe even primary care physicians.

    He says that he wants even dentists and oral surgeons to be aware of the disease, since his own acromegaly is what caused him to have to have braces as a young man. Froggy says someone reached out to him through Facebook after she heard his story on the radio.

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    She told her best friend about it, and soon after, he was officially diagnosed. He wrote about exercise and diabetes in the November issue. The other writer, Sam Stept , was actually born in Russia in His family moved three years later to Pittsburgh where he grew up.

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    Stept joined a publishing house as staff pianist, then tried vaudeville. During the 's he began collaborating on songs with an assortment of writers. Like Clare, he wound up writing for Hollywood but eventually focused on music publishing.