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Yet, while this would mean less money or higher payments for those countries who refuse to host migrants and refugees it would not be a punishment but a decision about political funding criteria — such as strengthening solidarity and basic rights as foundations of the EU. As surprising as the idea of allocating funding to the reception of migrants may be in financial debates, it has long been present in refugee policy as well as Refugee and Forced Migration Studies circles. Currently, the Dublin Regulation sets out the allocation of responsibilities for asylum seekers and refugees.

It has long been criticised for being unfair and inefficient.

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This would significantly reduce the administrative challenges of the Dublin system but is critiqued for potentially commodifying refugees if they appeared tradable. It supported Dublin Regulations as long as they served to its advantage. Now it suggests a regulation recently rejected by the EU Parliament, from which it would profit again, literally. But even if it was for the wrong reasons, it might be the right answer to some fundamental challenges of the EU. What seems important here is the funding mechanism that is being suggested.

To consider funding for migrants and refugees through ERDF, while the overall EU budget system is being discussed, is an interesting issue linkage where two policy fields or regimes overlap. Linking the two policy fields would mean not to think about refugee policies simply along protection norms.

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This is not unusual as refugee policies generally intersect and are often constrained by migration, border and security policies. The outcome was that the South Tyrolese did not make use of any form of vernacular architecture — in spite of the fact, that the traditional Tyrolese houses were well-known throughout Europe.

After World War II, when the South Tyrolese hopes for autonomy or reunification with Austria were crushed, the resistance movement mainly put its focus upon the great Italian water powered energy plants, on which attempts of attack were made until the s First, one must deal with the risk of ignoring the peculiar cultures and identities of the border regions in favor of the efforts for the establishment of national unity.

Here, historians as well as the heritage authorities must sometimes go ahead with adaptation and acceptance, followed by a more reluctant public. One example is in France, where the reconciliation with Germany, in spite of century-old enmity, has succeeded in the close cooperation between the nations in the framework of The European Community. Thus, heritage acts concerning the German architecture of Alsace and Lorraine were already passed during the s, to even include The Imperial Palace, Palace du Rhin , in Strasbourg.

In Poland, reconsiderations of German heritage started in the wave of the fall of the Iron Curtain, even if the acceptance has been rather difficult because of the harsh experiences with German occupations. Speaking of Danish North Schleswig, the attitude to the German past has also been quite negative in spite of the rather peaceful reconciliation process in the German-Danish borderland.

The reason may be that there has been no particular opportunity for reconsidering the multi-national heritage of North Schleswig, due to the long-lasting Danish skepticism towards Europe Certainly, the region contains a lot of unpleasant heritage, including the Italian Victory Monument and a large frieze, acclaiming Mussolini as victorious Caesar, decorating the front of the financial administration, which was built as headquarters for the Fascist movement After a long time of quarrels, the local government in succeeded in converting the Victory Monument into a memorial for the victims of fascism and deportation, while the future of the Mussolini frieze is still uncertain Difficult heritage.

Y : Cambridge University Press, Architektur im Grenzraum. Architecture France-Allemande, Grenzverschiebungen — Kulturraum — Kulturlandschaft. Holzminden : Arbeitskreis der Theorie und Lehre der Denkmalpfle ge, Architecture of the 19th Century. Die Architektur der Donaumonarchie bis A Nation of Provincials.

'The Bomb-Makers of Jena': Suspects in Bizarre Case Identified as Neo-Nazis

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Nazi architecture DRK Headquarters

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Deutsch-Polnischen Historikerkolloquium Frankfurt a. Kaiserliches Berlin.

‘Nazi ideology is filled with terrorist spirit’ - The Local

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Bruckmann, Deutsche Architekten in Elsass Planen und Bauen im annektierten Grenzland. Sorbonne lecture , stating that nationality is an everyday referendum, opposing the German claims that the people of Alsace-Lorraine in spite of their own consciousness were Germans because of their language and culture.

Visuelle Erinnerungskulturen und Geschichtskonstruktionen in Deutschland und Polen bis Die Stadt Posen National Style and Nation-State. Design in Poland from the vernacular revival to the international style. Twentieth-Century Architecture and its Histories. Tirol zwischen Diktatur und Demokratie Technisches Kulturgut im Rampenlicht.

Unbequeme Baudenkmale. Beck, Un patrimoine urbain exceptionnel. Die Strassburger Neustadt. Einzelprojekte zum Kulturerbe vereint. Das deutsche Kulturerbe in den polnischen West- und Nordgebieten. West Germany, None. Skip to main content. David Dinsmore Comey, Director of Environmental Research, warning that protecting an atomic economy could lead to a garrison state. Projektgruppe Burgerinitiativplakate For information about reproducing, publishing, and citing material from this collection, as well as access to the original items, see: Yanker Poster Collection - Rights and Restrictions Information Rights Advisory : Publication may be restricted.

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