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Returning the second time, he could not heare of them; his Observations and Accidents. The discovery of Captaine Waymouth; his Observations, Relations, and returne. A Map of the old Virginia, with the figures of the Salvages. This appears to be a notice to the binder to insert the map of Ould Virginia after p.

Of things growing Naturally, as woods, fruits, gummes, berries, herbs, roots; also of beasts, birds, and fishes; how they divide the yeare, prepare their ground, plant their corne, and use it, and other victuall.

What commodities may be had by industry. The description of the people, their numbers, constitutions, dispositions, attyre, buildings, lodgings and gardens, their usage of children, striking of fire, making their Bowes and Arrowes, knives, swords, targets, and boats: how they spinne, make fish-hooks, and ginnes, and their order of hunting. Consultations and order in Warres. Their musicke, entertainment, trade, Physicke, Chirurgery and Charmes.

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Their Religion, God, burials ordinary and extraordinary, Temples, Priests, Ornaments, solemnities, Conjurations, Altars, sacrifices, black boyes, and resurrection. The manner of their government, their Emperor; his attendants, watch, treasury, wives, successors and authority: tenure of their lands, and manner of punishment, with some words of their Language Englished.

And a Mappe of the Countrey of Virginia now planted. The Salvages assault the Fort, the ships returne, their names were left, 3 occasion of sicknes, plenty unexpected, the building of James Towne, the beginning of Trade, two projects to abandon the Country. Their first attempts upon the Salvages.

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Captaine Smith taken prisoner; their order of Triumph, and how he should have beene executed, was preserved, saved James towne from being surprised, how they Conjured him. Powhatan entertained him, would have slaine him; how Pocahontas his daughter saved him, and sent him to James Towne. The third plot to abandon the Countrey suppressed. Their first Supply and Accidents. The Salvages opinion of our God. James Towne rebuilt, with a Church and Store-house; The Salvages plot to murther all the English; their insolencies suppressed.

Different opinions among the Councell. The discovery of the Bay of Chisapeack. Their fight and conference with the Kuskarawaoks; Ambuscadoes prevented in the river Patawomek; A mine like Antimony.

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How to deale with the Salvages. Smith neare killed with a Stingray. With many other Accidents in the discovery. A needlesse misery at James towne redressed. The second Voyage to discover the Bay. Their Incounter with the Massawomekes and Tockwhoghs; the Sasquesahanoughs offer subjection to the English. The exceeding love of the Salvage Mosco.

Their fight with the Rapahanocks; their fight with the Manahokes.

The King of Hassaninga's brother taken prisoner; his relation of those mountaines; peace concluded with all those Nations. The discovery of the river Payankatank; their fight with the Nandsamunds, and Chisapeacks; their returne to James town. The Presidency surrendred to Captaine Smith. The discovery of the Monacans; a punishment for swearing; the Chickahamanians forced to Contribution; the abuses of the Mariners; Master Scriveners voyage to Werowocomoco.

Captaine Smiths Relation to England of the estate of the Colony: the names of them arrived in this Supply. Nandsamund forced to Contribution. The first Marriage in Virginia. Apamatuck discovered. Captaine Smiths journey to Pamaunkee. The discovery of the Chawwonocks. Smiths discourse to Powhatan; His reply and flattery; and his discourse of Peace and Warre. Powhatans plot to murther Smith, discovered by his daughter Pocahontas. Their escape at Pamaunkee. The Dutch-men deceive Captaine Winne, and arme the Salvages; sixteene English beset by seven hundred Salvages, Smith takes their King Opechankanough prisoner; the Salvages excuse and reconcilement.

Master Scrivener and others drowned; Master Wiffins desperate journey to Pamaunkee; Powhatan constraines his men again to be trecherous; he is forced to fraught their Ship; Smith poysoned; the Dutch-mens trechery. The Dutch-mens plot to murther Smith. He taketh the King of Paspahegh prisoner, and others; they become all subject to the English. A Salvage smoothered, yet recovered; three or foure Salvages slaine in drying stolne 4 powder. Great extremity occasioned by ratts; Bread made of dryed Sturgeon; the punishment for loyterers; the discovery of the Mangoags.

Captaine Argals first arrivall; the inconveniences in a Plantation. The government altered; the arrivall of the third Supply; mutinies; Nandsamund planted; breach of peace with the Salvages; Powhatans chiefe seat bought for Copper; Mutinies.

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Captaine Smith blowne up with Gun-powder; a bloudy intent; the causes why he left the Country and his Commission; his returne for England; the ends of the Dutch-men. Certaine Verses of seaven Gentlemen. How the mutiners proceeded; the Salvages revolt; the planting point Com- fort. Them at Nandsamund, and the Fals, defeated by the Salvages.

Captaine Ratliff, with thirtie slaine by Powhatan. The fruits of improvidence.

The Fellowship of the ring Book One Chapter 10

The arrivall of Sir Thomas Gates. James Towne abandoned.

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  • The arrivall of the Lord La Warre; their actions, and both their returnes. The government left to Captaine Percie; and his proceedings. The arrivall of Sir Thomas Dale, and his actions. Dales voyage to Pamaunkee. The marriage of Pocahontas to Master Rolfe. Articles of Peace with the Salvages.

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    The government left to Sir Thomas Dale. Captaine Argals voyage to port Royall. Master Hamers to Powhatan; and their Accidents. The manner of the Lottery. A Spanish Shippe in Virginia.