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The first aspect is that of His suffering on earth, before His resurrection. From the time of His birth, He suffered. His life began in a manger in the lowest estate and ended in His being crucified on the cross. The manger and the cross were the two ends of His suffering life. David typifies this suffering Christ. David also suffered from his youth. Solomon typifies the Christ glorified in the kingdom of God and its splendor. Solomon was glorified in the kingdom of Israel with the splendor of that kingdom.

This is a prefigure of Christ in the millennium. Living Stream Ministry publishes the works of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, providing the authoritative and definitive collections of treasures from these two servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. The writings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee focus on the enjoyment of the divine life, which all the believers possess, and on the building up of the church, the goal of God's work with man in this age. The pattern of behavior in the book of Judges is clear: the people rebelled through idolatry and disbelief, God brought judgment through foreign oppression, God raised up a deliverer—or judge, and the people repented and turned back to God.


When the people fell back into sin, the cycle started over again. The book includes many of the most graphic, violent, and disturbing scenes in all Scripture—some in the name of righteousness, others in the name of evil. The primary message of Judges is that God will not allow sin to go unpunished.

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They had forsaken the covenant established at Mount Sinai. In Judges, He disciplined them for following other gods, disobeying His sacrificial laws, engaging in blatant immorality, and descending into anarchy at times. Yet because they were His people, He listened to their cries for mercy and raised up leaders to deliver them.

Memory is a gift. Remembering the past teaches us countless lessons about how to live today. The Israelites forgot. They did not remember the miraculous events that brought them to their land or the covenant that united them to their God. But God did not forget His covenant—and because of His great love for His people, He disciplined His sinful children so that they might return to Him.

Have you forgotten the great works God has done in your life? Perhaps your difficult circumstances are overpowering your faith. Do you feel as if He is disciplining you right now? Know that He disciplines those He loves Hebrews — Its people and their wealth were not for Israel to seize as the booty of war from which to enrich themselves as Achan tried to do, ch.

Book of Joshua

On that land Israel was to establish a commonwealth faithful to the righteous rule of God and thus be a witness and a blessing to the nations. War is a terrible curse that the human race brings on itself as it seeks to possess the earth by its own unrighteous ways.

Although now for a time he reaches out to the whole world with the gospel and commissions his people urgently to carry his offer of peace to all nations , the sword of his judgment waits in the wings—and his second Joshua will wield it Rev —16 ; see notes there. Joshua is a story of conquest and fulfillment for the people of God. After many years of slavery in Egypt and 40 years in the desert, the Israelites were finally allowed to enter the land promised to their fathers. Joshua was destined to turn that promise into reality. Where Deuteronomy ends, the book of Joshua begins: The tribes of Israel are still camped on the east side of the Jordan River.

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Then it relates the series of victories in central, southern and northern Canaan that gave the Israelites control of all the hill country and the Negev. We meet all three immediately in ch. The role of the central human actor in the events narrated here is reinforced by the name he bears. These are all historical in content but are written from a prophetic standpoint. In the judgment of many scholars Joshua was not written until the end of the period of the kings, some years after the actual events.

But there are significant reasons to question this conclusion and to place the time of composition much earlier. The earliest Jewish traditions Talmud claim that Joshua wrote his own book except for the final section about his funeral, which is attributed to Eleazar son of Aaron the last verse must have been added by a later editor.

The account of the long day when the sun stood still at Aijalon is substantiated by a quotation from another source, the Book of Jashar This would hardly be natural for an eyewitness of the miracle who was writing shortly after it happened. It seems safe to conclude that the book draws on early sources.

It may date from the beginning of the monarchy. Some think that Samuel may have had a hand in shaping or compiling the materials of the book, but in fact we are unsure who the final author or editor was.