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Web: www. Dissecting the new gun control bill filed by House Republicans.

Donald Trump is just like Ronald Reagan when it comes to our 2nd Amendment rights This episode is sponsored by The Bunkser. Check it Go to thebunkertexas. The Washington Post twists a bunch of data to make a case we've made for eliminating background checks, and Amnesty International has said the rare instance of gun violence in the United States is a human rights crisis.

A Florida man comes to the aid of a pregnant woman after a triggered man becomes aggressive with her. Check it out he Please help Cody by going to www. This e Switzerland should not be used as a beacon of gun rights; a fellow Lone Star Gunner shares his traumatic experience in gun controlled New York City; and some gun owners need to be condemned. Abbott's red flag proposals; and dissecting the 9th Circuit's ruling on open carry.

As painful as it is to admit, Sacha Baron Cohen aka Borat duped several prominent pro-gun individuals, including members of Congress, into supporting a ridiculous fake program; Gun control is not a major issue in America; and despite its heavy existence in California, gun control did not stop a hostage situation.

This episode is sponsored by Breaking down some monumental rulings handed down by Judge Kavanaugh on the D. Circuit Court of Appeals: Heller v. Celebrating our 1 year anniversary for the podcast! Thank y'all so much! Touching once again on mental health because of a great piece by LSGR's newest writer; and the Supreme Court shouldn't matter, why it shouldn't, and why it does. The media tries to defame our cause by highlighting the "low" turnout in Santa Fe; New Jersey is more of a tyrant slave-state than I thought it was, and their Governor is making it worse; and Florida open carry advocates demonstrate in an ingenious way.

He explains how the RPT chose liberty over establishment rhetoric! Many say they support the government prohibiting people with "mental health" issues from exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights. Lee Spiller is the Executive Director of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights - Texas, a mental health watchdog organization whose purpose is to restore basing inalienable rights to the field of mental health. He ex State Rep.

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Phil King joins the show to talk about Gov. Abbott's closed-door round table discussion. What is wrong with the way shootings are being handled? Tune in and find out. What all happened over this past weekend in Dallas? Tune in and find out! Today, we explore the racist roots of gun control and how it's evolved into what it has become today.

A recap of the 2nd Amendment rally in Austin and what the media is saying about it. District Judge in Massachusetts rules that "assault weapons" are not protected by the 2nd Amendment, and a Greensboro, NC man goes on an epic rant! We talk about gun control in depth, why he supports it, and why we oppose it!

He answers exactly what a militia does and how gun control affects him and his militiamen.

Bill Buckner has died at the age of 69

Today, I have a conversation with Layton. He's just a regular guy who considers himself a moderate on gun control. Support Damon Rambo: www. Welcome to Player FM What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Take it with you.

Bill Buckner has died at the age of 69 - Lone Star Ball

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So easy to find shows to follow. Six stars for Chromecast support. Join Larry Mantle weekdays for lively and in-depth discussions of Los Angeles and Southern California news, politics, science, entertainment, the arts and more. More AirTalk at www. Only 3 individuals tested 2 females, 1 male reported to have traveled outside the US during summer, however, all volunteers reported to participate in outdoor activities during this time of the year and only 11 participants reported not using repellent during these activities.

Table 1. Summary of healthy volunteers participating in our study individuals with outdoor activity associated with tick habitat. In general, higher protein content was observed in the CT-SGE in spite that equal amount of protein was loaded on each lane. Mass spectrometry of the 10 kDa band revealed a total of 19 proteins.

The list of proteins can be found in Table 2. Figure 1.

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SGE protein analysis Colony and Field. B Immunoblot using human samples from healthy volunteers. C Intensity comparison of immunogenic bands from the immunoblot, and D Schematic representation of proteins identified by mass spectrometry. Figure displaying the median with interquartile range.

Did you get it?

Figure 2. B Comparison of anti SGE antibodies levels in women and men enrolled in summer C Comparison of IgG antibodies levels by use of repellent. D Comparison of antibody levels in Summer and Fall of Table 2. Since we used SGE and not saliva, we found both secreted and non-secreted proteins.

The only protein family found uniquely expressed as well as shared was the group of lipocalins, these proteins are found in the saliva of several arthropods and are abundant in tick saliva 48 , Our sequencing data revealed three lipocalins, one shared between tick groups and two individual lipocalins.

No other groups were found distributed among all categories analyzed i. Previous studies have shown the effect or arthropod saliva in the physiology of macrophages, endothelial cells and neurons So, we explored the possibility that SGE from arthropods raised under different conditions may have a differential effect on host immunity. Figure 3. A Cytokine array values in U cells. C Fold change gene expression in endothelial cells, and D gene expression in neurons.

Arthropod saliva has recaptured attention in public health because of its involvement in the transmission of human pathogens. The use of antibodies against arthropod saliva as markers for bite exposure has been implemented to evaluate the risk of malaria and other mosquito-borne viruses with high reliability. In our study, we observed a significant reduction of anti-tick SGE antibodies from summer to fall suggesting a higher exposure to arthropod bites during the warmer months as observed previously.

These results are in concordance to previous studies showing that antibodies against salivary proteins may be short-lived 52 , Usually, colony arthropods are fed from the blood of one animal species for several generations. In this case, the colony ticks have been maintained in sheep for several years. Since several studies suggest that vertebrate host exert immunological pressure on salivary proteins, we speculate that the significantly higher concentration of salivary gland protein in the CT-SGE content may explain the observed results.