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Train Less, Grow More: Get Huge With 4 Workouts A Week

These 8 steps are not new to me, but I have never had them organised in a format I could go to. Usually I am in a stand alone role, and much of the process comes naturally, however I find myself in a position where a formalised process and project management is required. This article has saved me hours of work! Glad you found something helpful there, Danny. Have a great day and let us know if you have any questions later. Your email address will not be published. Step 4: Design Training Materials Designing training materials is like planning a dinner party, coming up with a menu, and writing the recipes.


Sight is by far the most important sense for learning, but adding the others when possible does help. Step 6: Implement the Training If designing is like writing a recipe, and developing is like cooking the meal, then this phase is setting the table, ringing the dinner bell, and eating the food. As you may have guessed, this method involves evaluating the effectiveness of your training at four different levels. Quantifiable business results: Did the training result in reaching the desired business goal i. Quantifiable business results Was the business goal reached?

Step 8: Rinse, Lather, and Repeat Any Step When Necessary You may have to return to different parts of this 8-step process in the future for a number of reasons. A must read. Glad you liked it, Kendra. Thanks for the nice words. Best of luck to you! Thanks again and good luck to you. Lokesh Gupta.

Train Less, Grow More: Get Huge With 4 Workouts A Week

Grace, glad to hear that worked well for you. Good luck with your trainings. Zaid, glad you found it helpful. Come back again.

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Cheers and best wishes! Best wishes, Jeff and Convergence. Thanks for sharing Jeffrey , to implement it. Regards, Ray Palmeros. Ray, glad you found something helpful there. Best of luck to you. Where in Mexico do you work for Nissan? I used to live in Jalisco, a little north of Manzanillo. Well, nice to meet you. Have a good one. Jeff understand, the world is very small! Have a good day. Thanks, Ameer. My skype is alexgehales Thanks. Dauda, glad you found some helpful stuff there. Hi, Dorothy, glad you found this helpful. Mini, glad you found something useful there.

Kaumudi, Glad you found something helpful there. Best wishes to you, and have a nice day. Thanks, Chris. Great article, very well explained and easy to understand, helped me a lot with my homework. Glad it helped, Angelica. Glad you found something helpful there, Sunil.

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Stumbled upon this great article when i needed this most. Thanks Jeff. Glad it helped. Through my experience in this strategy I obtained: 1. Again thanks Jeff for this topic hope you the best always. Joy, glad you found this helpful. Good luck with that assignment. Let us know if we can help you in any way with the mining safety training.

Glad you found that helpful, Chris. I shot you off a quick email to your work account.

source Good luck with the new training job. Let us know if we can help in any other way. Glad you found something helpful there, Rahil.

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Glad you found something helpful there! Best wishes to you. Abdirizak, Thanks for writing. Glad you found something helpful there, Rahul. Have a great day! Glad you found something useful, Clara. Best of luck to you and your students. Glad you found it helpful, Alyna! Good luck with your new position. Excellent article …great informations Thank you very much God bless you. Thanks Jeffrey Dalto It is very helpful. Excellent article …great information. Thanks to you as well. Hope it was helpful. Lori, so nice to hear this may have been of some help. Best of luck to you with your proposal. Glad you found something useful there, Arun.

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The sun's out, but what about your guns? What's a guy who wants to put on size but is suddenly short on time to do? His mass-building hack is a four-day program that utilizes a concept called "density training. This unique plan allows you to get more work done in a shorter amount of time, so you won't need to follow a time-consuming six-days-a-week program to make the rapid gains you're looking for. And while you'll be training hard, you'll be out of the gym in less than an hour each day!

You'll hit your upper and lower body twice a week with high-volume weight workouts, netting you three days to skip the gym entirely and enjoy some summer fun. Don't think you're going to get bored out of your mind repeating the same workouts, either. Each workout in this plan has a slightly different target and emphasis. One warning before we get into the nitty-gritty: You're going to work freaking hard.

We're talking quads trembling, forearms frying, grunting like you're moving a monster truck hard. The reason is that density training has you pushing as hard as possible for short bursts of time. But remember, you'll do it only four times a week, so keep your eyes on that prize: a guilt-free weekend. To increase your mass, you need to stimulate muscle hypertrophy. Everyone who lifts weights—from your buddy at work to an acquaintance at the gym—has an opinion on the best way to do it. But there are actually many ways. For example, despite what most people think, full-body training can be an effective muscle-building strategy—in fact, it's one that Smith often uses.

But to increase the intensity during this four-day plan, he employs splits. Because you end up performing more reps per muscle group, you increase your muscles' time under tension, which is an important signal for muscle growth. During this plan, you'll do two lower-body days—one quad-focused and the other hamstring-intensive—and two upper-body workouts—one for shoulders and arms and one for chest and back. The splits aren't revolutionary—in fact, you've probably done programs with similar groupings before.

What makes this program different than other mass-building plans is Smith's approach to sets and reps—the density factor—because it builds in progressive overload.