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John J. Ferriola, the chief executive of Nucor, said that the falling stock price is head-scratching because he believes that the industry is on solid footing.

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While Mr. Ferriola said. Ferriola said in an interview. We had a record year last year, and many of our customers also had a record year.

However, trade experts and steel analysts worry the additional capacity could drive down steel prices even further and question whether such projects will eventually be scrapped if the economy cools. A key for the industry will be improving efficiency while the insulation from the tariffs remains.

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With such movement unlikely amid partisan gridlock in Washington, some are hanging their hopes on the possibility of a border wall built with steel slats or, as Mr. We have partnered with Bookshout and recommend using their app as a simple way to read our e-books.

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Books Authors About Us. Format eBookFirst edition. One mistake ruined her… One man can redeem her! When an ill-fated affair left Beatrice Penrose with more than just memories, she fled to Scotland to raise her son away from society's eyes.

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But the past catches up with her…and Preston Worth is Seduced by her bodyguard! Aristocrat's daughter May Worth is beautiful, headstrong…and in trouble. There's only one man who can protect her: Liam Casek, her brother's best friend, a government agent and the man whose sinfully seductive touch sh Exotic and charismatic, he's paying a visit to her sleepy country village. Yet one glimpse of the prince's melting brown eyes and shy Kael Gage is the last person at the Midsummer Ball Miss Zara Titus should speak to -- and anything more is definitely off-limits!

But the notorious rake seems determined to awaken this innocent debutante's every desire… A rake running from his past… For hell-raiser Brennan Carr, his Grand Tour has been the perfect way to replace difficult family memories with outrageous adventures. But discovering his Greek hosts want him to marry, Brennan must prove he's not He can't start losing now…especially when the virginity of the enthralling Gianna Mino A rakish thrill-seeker… Archer Crawford has come to Siena to compete in its notorious horse race -- only daredevils need apply!

But on his first night, he meets the beautiful Elisabeta di Nofri, a young noblewoman whose love of thrill-seeking i As an illustrious ice jockey, Hayden Islington is never short of female company -- wealthy champions rarely are. The art of fencing, like the art of love, requires three important skills: 1. Anticipating your partner's every move, working them into the exact position you desire. Being completely attuned to each other's bodies. Absolute dedicat Being bad has never felt so good!

And after years of trying to behave, she can't help but think Kitt's piratical wildness is just wha Ren Dryden has a spark she can't risk igniting… Emma Ward is in trouble. The devilishly handsome part-owner of her beloved Caribbean sugar plantation has arrived, and clearly he doesn't trust her. But his eyes promise pleasures she can only ima London, Lady Sarah Dryden once dreamed of marrying for love. But with the threat of scandal looming over her whole family, she must secure a wealthy husband -- and quickly!

If only her heart didn't already belong to the irresistibly te You're worried about scandals?

A Daring Rescue/Talk Of The Ton/Scandal At Greystone Manor by Mary Nichols -

You are a scandal! But when he encounters the allurin London, Scandal-prone Cassandra Burroughs is determined to expose the outrageous secrets of Jocelyn Eisley, the man responsible for her family's disgrace. Her method? She just never factored in being so outrageously attracted to th London, Former cavalry officer Captain Grahame Westmore is restless for change, but escorting a diplomat's spoiled daughter to Vienna isn't what he had in mind -- though for once he hasn't been hired for his skills in pleasuring women!

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He's the talk of the ton -- for all the wrong reasons! Society's most outrageous -- and popular! So when he suddenly finds himself named and shamed by a jealous husband, he reluctan At the yule ball, Catherine Emerson receives a proposal from the man she thought she wanted--but a kiss from his mysterious, darkly handsome brother unleashes a deeper desire And she most certainly would Once she was known as La Mariposa, Vienna's most seductive -- and most dangerous -- spy.

Then betrayal sent Lucia Booth back to England, and a life of anonymity.

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  • Until the one man she never thought she'd see again shows up at her "gentlemen's club". Seducing the Captain It would be unwise to mistake me for an innocent debutante -- for years I have graced the smoky gloom of many a billiards club and honed my skills at my father's side. Too bad, then, that this feisty Lady has swapped But such happy endings aren't for him -- the whole of society knows there isn't a redeemable b Ashton Bedevere: renowned libertine who can ruin a reputation quicker than other gentlemen can drink their brandy After years in Italy, honing his skills in the delicious art of seduction, Ashe returns to London's high-class establishments -- prec