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Military service and support is a time-honored tradition for Georgia Southern. With two major military installations in the region, the University has always been a welcome home to soldiers, veterans and student cadets. As a result, G. Jobs magazine has named Georgia Southern a Military Friendly institution for seven years in a row. In addition, Eagle Battalion, our ROTC program has long been a source of national recognition, winning the prestigious MacArthur Award four times, and leading the nation in the production of Army Nurses.

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Launching from high above the field, Freedom lands at midfield to the roar of thousands of Eagle students and fans. Weeks of Welcome provides a week-long series of activities at the beginning of the school year, designed to welcome both new and current students back to campus.

The University community joins the president, and other campus administrators, in a variety of events, including outdoor movie nights, concerts and performances, and various skill contests. It is said that if you walk around the circle three times with your sweetheart, you are sure to be married.

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The event features music, free food, games and contests — including limbo, cornhole and even a legendary tug-of-war challenge. Thousands of students over the years have closed out the first week of classes with the sweet reward of a trip to the beach. When cool autumn breezes give way to heated Eagle spirit, it can only mean one thing: Homecoming. This week-long observance plays host to thousands of Georgia Southern alumni, current students and community members.

The celebration includes a variety of special events, reunions, social gatherings and even a parade. What started in as a way for the late President Zach Henderson to provide a cool treat to the students, faculty and staff who were still on campus during the hot summer months has turned into a fruit and ice-cream summer break now called the Summer Celebration. Flipping on the switch for the holiday lights is a tradition at both Statesboro and Armstrong campuses.

In Statesboro, Sweetheart Circle is the perfect backdrop for holiday lights, evergreen wreaths and red bows, and the buildings, trees and lampposts are draped in lights and ornaments. On the Armstrong Campus, holiday lights adorn the entrance sign and majestic live oaks along Abercorn Street. On each campus, students and locals alike gather for traditional treats and seasonal music to officially start the holiday season.

When Georgia Southern resurrected the football program in , traditions and spirit needed resurrection as well. But inspiration came to him in the most unusual of places. Best known for his sideline antics at sporting events, the loveable, furry mascot makes special appearances throughout the year. GUS has visited the Georgia Capitol, posing with business and political leaders, and other dignitaries, as an ambassador for the University.

The band combines the highest quality music and execution, while providing entertainment and sparking enthusiast Georgia Southern fans. Our House! One of the classic chants in all of college sports had its start in Statesboro.

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Are you True Blue? If you are a die-hard enthusiastic or life-long supporter of Georgia Southern University, then you are definitely True Blue! No other phrase illustrates our pride in Georgia Southern than this one. Show your true spirit by taking a True Blue sign with you on trips, snap a photo and submit it at GeorgiaSouthern.

Day One started in as a way to welcome students and generate excitement for the upcoming year. The celebration features guests from campus administration and organizations, including the University president and head football coach. Due to easy accessibility and lack of formidable nest defense by such species, bald eagles are capable of preying on such seabirds at all ages, from eggs to mature adults, and can effectively cull large portions of a colony.

Along some portions of the North Pacific coastline, bald eagles which had historically preyed mainly kelp -dwelling fish and supplementally sea otter Enhydra lutris pups are now preying mainly on seabird colonies since both the fish possibly due to overfishing and otters cause unknown have had precipitous population declines, causing concern for seabird conservation. If the said birds are on a colony, this exposed their unprotected eggs and nestlings to scavengers such as gulls.

In some cases, these may be attacks of competition or kleptoparasitism on rival species but ended with the consumption of the victim. Nine species each of other accipitrids and owls are known to have been preyed upon by bald eagles.

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Owl prey species have ranged in size from western screech-owls Megascops kennicotti to snowy owls Bubo scandiacus. Mammalian prey includes rabbits , hares , ground squirrels , raccoons Procyon lotor , muskrats Ondatra zibethicus , beavers Castor canadensis , and deer fawns. Newborn, dead, sickly or already injured mammals are often targeted. However, more formidable prey such as adult raccoons and subadult beavers are sometimes attacked.

In the Chesapeake Bay area, bald eagles are reportedly the main natural predators of raccoons. On Protection Island , Washington , they commonly feed on harbor seal Phoca vitulina afterbirths, still-borns and sickly seal pups. Like the golden eagle, bald eagles are capable of attacking jackrabbits and hares of nearly any size [8] [94] Together with the golden eagle, bald eagles are occasionally accused of preying on livestock, especially sheep Ovis aries.

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Supplemental prey are readily taken given the opportunity. In some areas reptiles may become regular prey, especially warm areas such as Florida where reptile diversity is high. Turtles are perhaps the most regularly hunted type of reptile.

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  8. The main species found were common musk turtles Sternotherus odoratus , diamondback terrapin Malaclemys terrapin and juvenile common snapping turtles Chelydra serpentina. In these New Jersey nests, mainly subadult and small adults were taken, ranging in carapace length from 9. To hunt fish, the eagle swoops down over the water and snatches the fish out of the water with its talons. They eat by holding the fish in one claw and tearing the flesh with the other.

    Eagles have structures on their toes called spicules that allow them to grasp fish. Osprey also have this adaptation. It may swim to safety, in some cases pulling the catch along to the shore as it swims, [] but some eagles drown or succumb to hypothermia. Many sources claim that bald eagles, like all large eagles, cannot normally take flight carrying prey more than half of their own weight unless aided by favorable wind conditions.

    Gorging allows the bird to fast for several days if food becomes unavailable.

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    When hunting concentrated prey, a successful catch often results in the hunting eagle being pursued by other eagles and needing to find an isolated perch for consumption if it is able to carry it away successfully. Unlike some other eagle species, bald eagles rarely take on evasive or dangerous prey on their own. Due to their dietary habits, bald eagles are frequently viewed in a negative light by humans.

    They will scavenge carcasses up to the size of whales , though carcasses of ungulates and large fish are seemingly preferred. When competing for food, eagles will usually dominate other fish-eaters and scavengers, aggressively displacing mammals such as coyotes Canis latrans and foxes , and birds such as corvids , gulls , vultures and other raptors. Neither species is known to be dominant, and the outcome depends on the size and disposition of the individual eagles involved.

    Similarly, both eagle species have been recorded, via video-monitoring, to feed on gut piles and carcasses of white-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus in remote forest clearings in the eastern Appalachian Mountains without apparent conflict. They have been recorded stealing fish from other predators such as ospreys , herons and even otters.

    Bald eagles are sexually mature at four or five years of age. When they are old enough to breed, they often return to the area where they were born. It is thought that bald eagles mate for life. However, if one member of a pair dies or disappears, the survivor will choose a new mate. A pair which has repeatedly failed in breeding attempts may split and look for new mates. The flight includes swoops, chases, and cartwheels, in which they fly high, lock talons, and free-fall, separating just before hitting the ground. Compared to most other raptors which mostly nest in April or May, bald eagles are early breeders: nest building or reinforcing is often by mid-February, egg laying is often late February sometimes during deep snow in the North , and incubation is usually mid-March and early May.

    Eggs hatch from mid April to early May, and the young fledge late June to early July. However, one nest in the Midwest was occupied continuously for at least 34 years.