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Table of Contents Excerpt. About The Book. As an inveterate anthologist who loves flowers and likes picking up a last-minute rose, I took it as an auspicious sign that the shop is called Anthology.

The Best American Poetry, 2012

In practice it can be a pretty fraught affair. Make the subject area jazz, and you create a minefield of sensitive historical, political, social and musical issues. As for the maker of poetry anthologies in particular, there is the gratification of reaching an educated readership for the elusive but vital art form whose death has so often been predicted.

Something beyond nobility, something in defiance of disaffection and even treachery, is at work here. The books have provided a template for similar annuals from other nations.


Moritz, series ed. John Tranter , each with its compelling new voices. The Best Irish Poetry , ed.

Each year we publish twenty-five poems from recent literary magazines and poetry collections, where possible including notes about and by the poet, as well as links to related publishing and literary websites. In this way we hope that readers will be able to follow up fresh discoveries.

Poets Michael Cirelli & R. Erica Doyle @ Big Apple BAP: NYC's Best American Poetry Poets

There are plenty to be made. Roddy Lumsden. Other than consisting of seventy rather than seventy-five poems, the venture employs the identical structure and even the same typeface and design as The Best American Poetry.

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Reporters are interested in trends, and you, cornered, may feel the impulse to invent one out of whole cloth just to please an interviewer. But I feel confident in my prediction that more and more arranged marriages will be taking place between poetry and video—confident enough to call this development a trend. In , The Best American Poetry partnered with Motionpoems, a Minneapolis-based poetry and video initiative founded by Todd Boss, himself a poet whose work has appeared in this series, and the animator Angella Kassube. Motionpoems commissioned video artists—commercial and freelance animators, filmmakers, musicians, sound designers, and producers—to make short films of poems chosen from The Best American Poetry The animators pick the poems and take it from there.

Table of Contents

The idea of basing a video on a poem may one day seem as natural and inevitable as the setting of poems to music used to be. The poets of our time are drawn to ghostly demarcations, spectral presences.

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There are ghosts in the machine, ghosts in the martini, and they turn up regularly—angelic or demonic, benevolent or cruel—in poems. When, in late December, a senior editor at National Public Radio asked me to name three of my favorite poems of and to record some thoughts about them, I noticed only after assembling the trio that they share this quality of mystery and the uncanny, offering a spooky but also exhilarating glimpse of a spiritual world beyond our own.

The poet tells us about arriving home one night after a grueling day at the office. On the table he sees an envelope with his name on it. As one might, I began to think that maybe, just maybe, he was alive, living a secret life somewhere nearby.

How else to explain the envelope? To steady myself, I sat down, opened it, and pulled out the letter. About The Book. About The Authors.


Best American Poetry 2017

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