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Lady in Red: The Collection

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Are You the Lady in Red? Here is How People See You | Psychology Today

Research reveals that not only does wearing red affect the way people see us, it impacts how they interpret our color choice. Elliot et al. They note that the color red is in a class of its own regarding the significance of its effect on people. Aside from its effect on the viewer, research indicates that wearing red may cause others to jump to conclusions regarding the intent of the wearer.

Contrary to traffic signals, wearing red can have the opposite effect when it comes to interpreting sexual signals. Research by Gueguen found that men are inclined to interpret a woman wearing red as a sexual signal, regardless of whether women intend their color selection to have that effect. The men evaluated the attractiveness of the women, as well as their sexual intent. The men attributed higher sexual intent to the women wearing the red shirt than in the other conditions. Interestingly, ratings of attractiveness did not moderate this finding.

They found that women who indicated an interest in casual sex were more likely to prominently display red as opposed to green, blue, or black on their web profile picture, compared with women who did not indicate such an interest.

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In another study, they found that women using a website with an emphasis on short-term sexual relationships were more likely to showcase red as opposed to green, blue, or black on their profile picture than women using a website geared to developing marriage -bound relationships. It was black. They explain that when women did display the color red, the odds were over two times greater than they were interested in sex, than not interested. Elliot and Pazda label their findings as probabilistic, explaining that they do not mean that every woman who wears red is interested in sex.

The Lady In Red

They also note that prior research Pazda et al. Perhaps initially, for some people, colors matter. Yet in most cases, a red dress is simply a fashion choice, not a signal of sexual availability or interest. A better plan is to get to know the character behind the color. Elliot and Markus A. Elliot and Adam D. Wendy L.

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