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I think most of us have seen this story before. It evokes a sweet emotional response the first time we read it. After that, it becomes just another in an endless stream of sweet stories. The tagline of the story is "It makes a difference to that one. God really worked. He led me to people that where really open and ready to hear the gospel. It's a rare thing to find someone who quickly realizes they are a guilty sinner in desperate need of mercy, yet no one has ever took the time to preach the whole gospel to them.

Native American Starfish Mythology

It makes me want to weep and sob. The thought, that there are billions of people in bondage to sin against our Lord Jesus They love death, for they hate God! Should we not weep? There are so many people going to hell. I find that when I pray for people as if they are my own child, I am seriously grieved for them.

I shared with around 10 people today. I imagine that they are my own children. That means 10 of my children are on their way to hell Oh, I imagine them when they where younger, maybe 5 years old I have 5 girls and 5 boys, dead in sin and going to hell! The wind blew among the cosmos with tremendous force and sent the stars flying through the universe helter-skelter until hundreds of thousands of them were falling towards the Earth.

The Legend of the starfish - non captioned version

Never had the heavens experienced such a storm before that extended so far and wide. It nearly blew the planets right out of their orbit and sent winds and rains out of the heavens to the Earth below causing great floods everywhere.

Why the Whale Spouts, the Starfish is Ragged, and the Native Bear has Strong Arms

The seas and oceans rose up in a rage, the waves so high the fell crashing over the tops of mountains. In the heavens the little stars were so afraid that fled to hide behind the moon but alas the wind found them and blew them everywhere until they were falling, falling toward the Earth and the raging seas.

They tumbled and tumbled and fell so fast out of the heavens that their glow could not keep up with them and raced behind like an arch of burning light but it could not catch the flight of the falling stars so rapidly were they flying through space to the Earth below. Haida picked the starfish as an emblem because they observed it to be super-strong.

Legend of the Sea Star Post Card

Its ability to crack into a mussel shell proved great strength. Haida also connected longevity with starfish meaning. They observed the starfish ability to regenerate, and deemed the starfish to be immortal. He encountered countless starfish stranded on the beach. He tirelessly set to work, tossing each one back into the sea.

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But I can save this one, and that makes all the difference. How can this sea creature make a difference to you? Just food for thought. I hope you have enjoyed this article on symbolic starfish meaning.

Be sure to check out the links at the end of this page for more related articles. As always, thanks for reading. May all your starfish encounters be stellar and rejuvenating. Hooked on a feeling!

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  • Starfish meaning revolves around sensitivity and perception. The starfish is almost exclusively a sensory organ dancing around in the seas. Symbolically, the starfish teaches us to use our senses to connect to our environment and the people around us. Let go! Starfish have a miraculous ability to regenerate. As a totem, the starfish teaches us a solid lesson about leaving behind stuff that no longer serves us, and growing into new ways of living and being.

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    Show the love! In Roman mythology the starfish is a sacred symbol to the love goddess Venus. The starfish and Venus are connected because they are both beings of the water. Water is a sensory, feeling, emotional element in symbolic terms. Animal totems play huge roles in our lives. They aid in self-discovery and capture our imagination, giving us incredible avenues of self-expression and awareness. From starfish to sea lions, click here to get a whole list of animal totem meanings. For one reason or another, there are many creatures in nature that are symbols of love.

    The starfish ranks high as a love symbol and this article dives into that. Click here to get a whole list of creatures that represent love. July 3, July 3, June 25, June 25, January 4, January 4, Skip to content. Sensational Symbolic Starfish Meaning. Brightly, Avia.

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