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An even more controversial connection involves whether or not volcanic activity on the East Pacific Rise a mid-ocean spreading center can cause warmer water at the surface of the East Pacific, and in that way generate an El Nino.

  • How do volcanoes affect the atmosphere and climate?.
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  • Volcanoes: How often do they erupt and what happens when they do?.

Current fossil fuel and land use practices now introduce about a net Good reading! I should note that this was written a few years back and a lot of work has focused on this area recently.

Volcano World will be running a special feature on volcanism and climate this summer! Volcano World. How do volcanoes affect the atmosphere and climate? View Translate. Space Nature Humans Technology Programs.

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  4. Volcanoes: How often do they erupt and what happens when they do? ABC Science.

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    6. By Anna Salleh. Getty Images: Mike Lyvers. So how do these iconic wonders form, and what risks do they really pose? What is a volcano? The three most common large types of volcanoes are strato, shield and caldera.

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      Strato volcanoes. Anatomy of a strato volcano such as Mt Agung. Mt Kilauea in Hawaii is a shield volcano. Hawaii's Big Island is the largest active aboveground volcano on Earth. Wikimedia Commons: Frank Kovalchek.

      The Science of Volcanoes: Understanding Weather Just for Kids!

      Mount Agung: Uncertainty around whether a volcano will erupt can be nerve-racking. External Link: Flowing hot lava can incinerate, bulldoze and bury things in its path. Clouds of volcanic ash and gas can create havoc with our health, environment and travel. Wikimedia Commons: Arni Frioriksson. Top science stories. Indigenous ranger Winston Thompson can read his country, and knows when it's time to burn Climate change will hit women in hot spots hardest 'Galaxy of sounds' to be recorded for acoustic observatory of Australian wildlife Fewer plants, fewer animals despite rangers' love and care for country 'Wiped out overnight': The marine heatwaves threatening our oyster industry.

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      How can we tell when a volcano will erupt?

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      Volcano Facts for Kids!

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      Hawaii's Kilauea Eruption: Why Scientists Are Nervous - The Atlantic

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