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Cut to The Warden Anthony Starke strutting and singing down the cellblock with guards by his side. The Warden is in a good mood dispensing a little reality for the inmates and collecting a few kickbacks too. The Scorpion tells his son the story of The Scorpion and the Frog as we flashback to the hit The Scorpion was hired to do, that ultimately went wrong. He stands up and tells The Kid never to return. Unbeknownst to The Scorpion, the target of the hit-gone-wrong was a friend of The Warden, and with no family coming back to visit The Scorpion, The Warden has a torturous end for The Scorpion involving facility built underneath the prison.

Shake out bedclothes and shoes if you live in scorpion-prone areas. These are common places for scorpions to hide inside the house. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Outdoors, if you see one scorpion, then there's often another one close by. More times than not, they're not too far away from a buddy of theirs.

One of the most common places to get stung is in the shower. Check bathtubs in the winter as scorpions are known to crawl up drains. An easy solution to avoid a catastrophe is to simply check beforehand and let the water run for half a minute before entering the shower. Plug drains when not in use or keep fine mesh covers in drains to prevent scorpions from coming up from the pipes. Unscrew outlet covers and treat with pesticide dust to protect entry from outlets.

How to Get Rid of Scorpions

Do not vacuum your home after treating with bug spray - scorpion sprays dry as tiny crystals and are most effective when the scorpion walks over these crystals. Vacuuming will reduce the effectiveness of crystals. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 0. Avoid cardboard, wood, or wicker storage containers in your home since scorpions are attracted to these. Look for patterns. If you find scorpions inside the house in the same area, they are getting in near there.

Caulk any cracks. Make sure light fixtures, smoke alarm, windows, floor has no gaps.

The Scorpion Nest: A Short Story

Scorpions may sting if they feel they are being attacked. The sting of most scorpions found in homes is approximately as strong as a bee's or wasp's. Although most scorpion stings will not cause serious injury, see a doctor if you have been stung by a scorpion. It is particularly important to call a doctor if a small child has been stung.

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Article Summary X To get rid of scorpions, start by sprinkling cinnamon around your baseboards and windowsills to repel scorpions and discourage them from entering your house. Italiano: Sbarazzarti degli Scorpioni. Deutsch: Skorpione loswerden. Nederlands: Van schorpioenen afkomen.

Bahasa Indonesia: Membasmi Kalajengking.

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Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read , times. Reader Success Stories. I turned to your site, and felt much better within minutes after learning how to naturally scorpion-proof my home! Thank you so much!


TC Terry C. Jul 13, We have at least 40 of them in our home every summer. My hubby and I have both been stung. We even have a bug man every month, but they're still getting in somehow. So now we're going to be doing the suggestion you gave us. Rated this article:. K Kim Nov 2, I went to find a shoe with which to hit it and it disappeared. Needless to say, I was freaked and apprehensive about sleeping. This article helped me decrease my anxiety, as I found answers on how to manage the problem.

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KW Kimber West Nov 18, I didn't realize I had so many potential hiding places for them in my place. Guess I'll be changing things here soon. Now I'm off to get the black light. JC Jane Cavanaugh Nov 28, I've used for ants--it works great! Also, learning scorpions can get thru space thin as credit card was both alarming and helpful. I've got cracks and gaps to fill!

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WS William Siewert Aug 11, It's a must read for everyone living in Arizona. My suggestions is read it several times and have everyone in your household, and any visitors, read it. MH Michelle Henry May 12, In past week I've already killed 4. I was trying to find ways to keep them out of house without having to use harsh chemicals. I believe I'm gonna try the cinnamon. JC John Cowan Jun 12, Thank you for stating the areas they are normally hidden in, I have 2 cats and just don't want them hurt.

I am going to try it all, except the killing. I can't do bug juice. I vacuum mine and they die very quickly because there is no air and they can't breath in the dust.

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GH Gwen Huckaba Aug 26, I haven't seen any scorpions in my house yet, but I do have a few cardboard boxes for storage and some things under my beds. I will remedy this right away. Thank you all! SS Shelly Smith Oct 1, From owning a chicken or cat, sprinkling cinnamon, placing a sticky trap - those ideas are great! RR Rick Renteria Jun 6, I was panicking when I saw a scorpion in my apartment, especially when I'm very ignorant about them in general. Many thanks! TP Tracey Perotti Jun 1, I'm going out for Raid, cinnamon and a black light in the morning!

DG Dee Godin Sep 14, Anonymous More than 1 year ago This was indeed a short story but what a ending. Pretty cool. Anonymous More than 1 year ago. Anonymous More than 1 year ago This short story was very good!

Just a warning I started to check the shadowed corners after a few pages and by the end I was itchy all over! I am reading his first full length book next and expect good things. Well done! Related Searches.

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It doesn't take them long to find out why the house was sold at a knock-down price. Dreamers: A Short Story. Frontera proves in this tale of the future that a mind belonging to Frontera proves in this tale of the future that a mind belonging to the glory days of the Twilight Zone still puts pen to page.