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Below we have listed some recommendations for the usage of such specific consumption vocabulary:. Finally, our research results can also be interpreted in a more general way. Our findings highlight the subtle influence that language can have on our perception of reality. This principle, commonly referred to as linguistic relativity , has attracted a great deal of scientific attention over the past years.

Recently, such linguistic influences were the focus of a broad public discourse within the framework of the ARD Framing Manual. Not only companies, but also consumers should be aware of this capability of language when dealing with specific consumption vocabulary.

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How can companies gain influence on the discussion about their products on social media platforms? Purposefully chosen consumption vocabulary influences the discussion about and perception of products Previous research in the context of consumption vocabulary has focused mainly on the influence of language on the individual preference formation of consumers.

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A brief overview of the key findings of our research Our research is based on the analysis of real online discussion forums about a concept car of a German car manufacturer. Based on the analysis of the generated data we come to the following conclusions: The highlighting of concrete product features using catchy terms simplifies the individual reference to these product features within the framework of discussions.

Through this primary influence, product discussions also develop in the further course more focused around the labeled product features. If, for example, certain design features of the vehicle are named by verbal descriptions, these design features are more likely to be addressed by individuals, so that the discussion will continue to focus more on these features. Consumers use the given vocabulary creatively: This means that the consumers do not always use given terms exactly in the given form; they also adapt them into their own language.

The increased discussion of named product features also leads to a stronger memory of these specific features after the discussions. Highlighting specific product characteristics verbally leads to less pronounced discussions about other product characteristics — consequently, consumers remember such other aspects of the product less clearly after the discussions.

Participants do not properly assess their communication and memory behavior. The distinct chatter and noise created by us.

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The sound of cars scurrying around the streets. The helicopters buzzing over the tops of buildings.

These are all ambient noises and sounds from the atmosphere in and around us. The extensive usage and wide popularity of the synthesizer in that era brought numerous groundbreaking innovations into the world of music. Ambient music stands different among its contemporary peers because it usually does not follow the customary musical style, rhythm, and structure.

Prominence is given to the tone and mood it creates.

Employee Work Attitudes: The Subtle Influence of Gender

Musicians such as King Tubby and Erik Satie were the pioneer of this genre. Tubby was a master sound engineer and brought a rather interesting style of creating atmospheric sound with a diverse mixing and merging of vocals and effects. But the true pioneer of ambient music is Brian Eno. With his album Discreet Music, released in , he brought ambient music into the limelight.

Since then, Brian Eno has released a large number of albums with interesting experimentation in tones and compositions. When the listener listens to any of the ambient tracks from these artists they get a peerless gaze into the subconscious emotions of the artists and their own.

The terrific evocation of hidden memories and subtle, relatable feelings spring up when the tones and unusual compositions of ambient music fall onto their ears. The ambient genre also has a large number of derivatives such as ambient dub, ambient house, ambient pop, ambient rock, space music and dark ambient.

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Some films have also tried to incorporate the ambient genre into their background scores. Vangelis was the music composer for Blade Runner.